Plab Part 1 Experience

Experience 1

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. This is by no means the best way or the right away to study for this test. But this is what I did-

1) Studied for 1.5 months.

2) Finished passmedicine Qbank except the statistics section- I put in 6-8 hrs studying per day..I have a small baby so I took frequent breaks.

3) Did the 1700 files and a few mocks (not all by any means, didn’t have time for subjectwise mocks).

The exam

– Try to finish FAST…while avoiding silly mistakes …which I realized I made, but still passed. Remember you dont need a perfect score to pass. You just need 124…which is not hard to get.

– Loads of repeats, in a slightly different worded format.

– If you put in the work, you are very likely to pass without fail.

Good luck June PLABBERS, may the force be with you.

Experience 2

Hello Friends!My apologies to all for the delay in replying back to you. I have received numerous requests regarding my Plab-1 experience.

Firstly I would like to bring to your notice that this is my second attempt. On the first occasion I fell short by one mark. I personally reason this as my lack of guidance, however on this occasion I was guided by Dr. Neeschal and other good souls (God Bless Them All).Below is an indication of my preparation:Firstly I prepared for one month, 12 hours per day, taking 15 minutes breaks every three hours.I revised thrice the “1700 mock by Unity Group” and revised once the “1700 mock by Dr. Khalid”. For instance when preparing a particular MCQ: Let’s imagine the topic is about Cervical Cancer. I would study the related topic from OHCM & OHCS. In this fashion I studied all the 1700 mocks. It took me approximately 15 days to achieve this.

Secondly I completed seven to eight most recent mocks by Dr. Samson & Dr. Swammy. Whilst completing these mocks I considered them as the real exam aiming to complete them in three hours. My score was usually around 130-150. This way I got my timing right and it helped me in managing my time effectively. I paid little importance to the Lab Values as they were provided in the last page.

I will upload a file marked as “Important Points” it is essential that you prepare these topics from OHCM & OHCS.
Lastly I attempted to complete as many recalls as possible from the years 2012-2015. There were many topics repeated from these recalls and memorizing them assisted me in saving valuable time at the exam.
I did not subscribe for study in PASSMED as the level of these questions appeared to be different and not relevant for Plab-1. However I subscribed to Samson online questions. If time permits please undertake subject wise notes by Dr. Samson or Dr. Swammy.

Two to three ECG questions will be asked you can prepare for these from Neeshal’s “ECG Solved File”.
This was my method of preparation for Plab-1. Should you require any further assistance or queries feel free to contact me on Facebook.

I was advised that the Plab-1 pattern is being revised from September 2016. However I hope there are not significant changes. If was facing this situation I would include revising the Ethics chapter from OHCM to my preparation to do list.

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