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In reply to someone question about job prospects in the UK:

The easiest answer is that there are jobs such as SHO or Staff-grade registrars which you can use for MRCS/MRCP training but are not part of the UK training programme (similar to like non-FCPS training in Pakistan eg MO posts). Trying to find the first job in the NHS without any UK experience or clinical attachment is difficult but again there are a lot of jobs available as well as LOCUM work (doing a job in the NHS hospital via an agency for a day or days or weeks or months – paid hourly that is much better than the NHS job itself). After passing PLAB exam I will suggest you people apply for attachment/observership to get NHS clinical experience and meanwhile apply to NHS posts via NHSJOBS website.

In comparison to this some guys after clearing PLAB apply for RMO post which are doing an SHO level job in a private hospital outside NHS. This is a good way of getting oriented with UK health system in a low exposure environment but it has got it’s own demerits.

The actual UK training programme itself is difficult to get on Tier 2 or sponsorship visa as the hospital/deanery has to sponser you and Home Office has put a limitation on that and asked the trust/hospital to fulfil a criteria called labour market test – google it guys. Keep it mind it is not impossible. It is easier to find these jobs if you are British or EU national or dependant of british national or someone who has a legal visa such as Tier1 or indefinite. It also depends on which speciality you want to train in as some could be a bit easier than others to get on Tier 2 visa.

How can I apply for Electives/attachment/observer-ship at a hospital?

Check the individual NHS Trust website that you are interested in e.g., that is nearest to you. Sometimes they have a person in their Human resources/Medical staffing department that organises the electives. If that is not the case try to write an email to a member of the HR/Medical staffing and ask for further information. Alternatively write an email to some consultants at the hospital & department you are interested in and usually they will reply with a yes or no.

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