NBDE Part 2 exam questions

  • Woodbury rubber dam frame provides more retraction of soft tissue .

When placing rubber dam

  • Always isolate at least 3 teeth
  • For a tooth bearing a clamp the hole should be one size larger than the holes over teeth without a clamp.
  • To prevent seepage of saliva use a floss to inverte rubber dam into gingival sulcus.


  • decreased progression of preexisting lesions.
  • Retention rate for chemically cured and light cured sealants are similar.
  • Low viscosity sealants wet the best.
  • Sealants most retained on max and mand premolars
  • Most teeth benefit from sealants are max and mand 1st molar

Component of sealants

  • Bis-GMA diluted with TEGDMA
  • Initiator :benzoyl (self cured) or Diketone (light cured)
  • Accelerator: amine
  • Opaque filler :titanium oxide(TiO2)
  • If topical fluoride is used in conjunction with sealants the fluoride is applied after the sealants.


When applying sealants:

  • Don’t use anything contain fluoride when cleaning .


  • To prevent caries at least 7ppm of fluoride be present in water,maximum is 1.2ppm.
  • The optimal concentration of Fluoride for community water depends on air temperature .
  • Fluoride added to water are:
  • 1-sodium fluoride
  • 2-sodium silicofluoride
  • 3-hydrofluosilicic acid.

Professional applied topical fluorides:

  • Applied 2 times a year
  • 2% sodium fluoride ,advantages are basic ph 9.2 ,more acceptable taste than stannous fluoride ,no adverse effect on restorative materials .
  • 8% stannous fluoride advantages it does not etch porcelain restoration and requires single visit disadvantages are ,bad taste,stain silicate restorations,acidic ph 2.1-2.3
  • Stannous fluoride is not used in any approved dentifrices in the US.
  • 23% acidulated phosphate fluoride has more acceptable taste,it may damage porcelain restorations,applied by dentist!! ,acidic ph-3-3.5,contraindicated on porcelain and composite restoration,cause pitting and etching,avoided on implant patients can corrode the surface of titanium implants.
  • Fluoride mouth rinses are shown to have greatest effect on newly erupted teeth .
  • Fluoride rinses are most beneficial to smooth tooth surfaces .
  • Systemic fluorides are least effective on root surfaces.
  • The greatest concentration of fluoride ions exist on the outermost layer of enamel.
  • Dicalcium Phosphate,calcium carbonate,silica (abrasives in toothpaste) inactivate fluoride ions.

Acute fluoride toxicity symptoms may appear 30 mint of ingestion and persist for up to 24hrs

  • Symptoms
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Abdominal cramping
  • Fluoride mainly eliminated via kidneys
  • Deposited in skeletal muscles .

Acute fluoride poisoning is rare but most common cause of death are cardiac failure respiratory paralysis.

Lethal dose

  • Child
    • 15 mg/kg can be lethal
    • Lethal dose range 20-50mg/kg
  • Adult
    • 4-5 gram
    • Range 2.5-10gram

Fluoride supplement are recommended if water fluoride content is <0.7ppm

  • Fluoride supplement are normally not indicated after age 13 .
  • School water fluoridation optimal concentration is 4.5X that of the city water supplies.
  • A child should stop taking fluoride supplement at 16-18 years old.
  • Elementary school children have high interproximal caries rate so fluoride mouth rinses are recommended .
  • In communities without fluoridated water ,,school water fluoridation is the best option .
  • Fluorides are recommended to protrct cancer patients from post irradiation caries as toothpaste fluoride not adequate .
  • Sodium fluoride past for root sensitivity contains:
    • Sodium fluoride
    • Kaolin
    • Glycerin


first day :
1) most common recurret cyst :okc
2) xray for annuerysm cyst
3 ) secondry herpes site
4) concentration of apf flouride gel
5) child 26 month with 12 caries : general ansethia
6) x ray of dorsum of the tounge at panorama
7) after good oral care we still have 6mm pocket
8) contraindication for gingivictomy
9) 2 questions about furcation treatment
10) 2 question about treatment sequence
11) if we have the same kpv and ma and we double the dictance what about the time ?
12) xray about zygomatic process at panorama
13) the patient ask you to change the date of the bill ..fraud
14) 8 year boy looks abused should call 911 , social services
15) 91 old man looks abused should call .police , human rights …
16) most. tooth susciptiple to vertical root ..deep mod restoration
17( the rectingular collaminator reduce the xray exposure 30%,60% . 90%
18 ) less blade bur give which surface
19) morphine antidote
29) suitable analgesic for 4 years ..acetamenophen
30 ) the impression which may be corrected after setting thermalplastic
31) poorest prognosis perforation site ..3mm apical to gingival crest
32) caoh using ..
33) hypochloride have all characters exept
34( supraspinal receptors MU
35) early calcification of sutures in which syndrome
36 ) heparin cause to increasr clotting time , bleeding time
37) oral cancers are most common with black
38) palate and lip cleft 1/700
39) chemical vapor sterilization
40) hazard products are …include blood or can trans the infection
41) most teeh to be extracted in case of decrease in arch length first premolar
42 ) most comon perforation site at max premolars
43) cinnamon gingivitis
44) ANUG treatment witout antipiotic
45) tetracycline treat all of the cases exept candida
46) propanolol what kind of antihypertension
47) over dose of diazepam treated with flumenazil
48) all those midication cause xerostomia exept ..cephalosporine
49 ( over dose of. tylenol treated with ..
50) carpadopa mechanism of action
51) ceramic pupples due to lack of consedation
52) to decrease value we add ..gray .orange color
53) first point we check at the crown trail ..margin area
54) loosness of new man PD ..bad occlusion
55) the compoments of rotation movement ..condyle and disc
56)face bow benifit
57)investment thermal expansion benifits
58) the ideal relation between upper teeth and lower lip when saying V
59 ) the age 11 is the age of eruption ..canines ..2 premolars ..2 molars
60)bone D1 compoment
61) the most important factor of using titanium as implants biocompatible
62) the width between 2 implants
63) xray of dentogenous imperfecta
64) most seen sign of man fracture ..malocclusion
65 ) which is most affected by tetracycline ? dental , enamel
67) what sign accompany gastric proplems ..erosion
68)highest allowed dose of exposure for dental group
69) distal root of 3man molar disapear ,where it go submandible , pterygo space …
70)infection caused by inferior alveolar nerve is at which space
71) 16 kg child the high allowed amount of lidocaine ..32/48/72/115
72 ) glass inomer best character
73) PATEINT MANAGMENT ..defining all word ..varicity ..benifit ..nonmalinance ..validity ..realability ..sensevity ..incedence ..prevalence
tomorrow i will continue posting what i remember and about 2nd day
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73) patient cameback after 4 hours the bleeding didnt stop after extraction ..manage with clot removing and checking the source of the bleeding
74) ansthesia toxicity ..high concentration at the blood
75) patient which take propanolol ..should lessen the ansthesia dose
76) child who take Albuterol have ..asthma
77) aspirin is contraindicated with …sulfaurea
78)most reason for replacing the posterior composite restoration
79) disadvantage of polyethyl impression
80) RPD which tooth supported ..the rest beside the edontolus area
81) we remove the cusps of molar when preparing for amalgam resto to get ..retention , resistanse , convenince , out line
82) prosthestic valve need prophylaxys antibiotic
83)tachycardia is sign of thyroid crisis
84) pregnant position on dental chair
85) cognitive failure heart signs
86) we do all to the enamel before luting veneer ..etching with flour acid
87) after composite restoration , sensivity may be up to all of the following reasons exept . .cuspal disturtion after compositr shrinkage
88)patient who take hydrochloroniazide should make tge blood test about ..hydrolytes ( i am not sure )
88)when we find attrition on the mesial ridge of the second max molar which cusp in the lower will be facing it?
89)amalgam contamination with saliva cause …more setting expansion
90)advantage of the filter at the x ray ..absorb long waves radiation
91) the angle which we evaluate the prognethis or retrognathion of the mandible ..SNB
92)palate torus should be removed in case of
93) speech proplems in cleft palate caused by ..the soft palate cant close the pharyngeal
94)mouth breath guide to high and narrow palate
95)best material to repair perforations ..MTA
96) intruded tooth treated at first by ..repositioning
97)codiene poisoning cause ..miosis myradisis
98) the appliance which pull the max tooth forward ..face mask
99)tuberculosis ulcer painless ulcer
100) defeciency maxilla growth corrected by ..lefort 1
101) most important factor guide to crown retention
102)the kind of radiation used. in MRI
103) antiviral midicines and annti fungal midicines ..there was six que about them
there was two difficult long cases which there was complicated midicines
there was hypertensive , alcohol abused , deppresent , ashma patient
there was a lot of oral diabetic midicens and antihypertension midicines
there was alot of endo and ortho and pharma
the drugs which cause xerostemia , salivation , osteoporosis
treatment sequence ..endo, perio , ortho
contraindication of aspirin , acetamenophen
great part of question about the cases treatment
good luck for all

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