NAC OSCE Preparation Resources

NAC OSCE Preparation Resources


(1) OSCE Information sessions at Access Centre

Visit our website on a regular basis to see the session dates. NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME

(2) Please watch our OSCE video online. The Access Centre has developed a video as an introduction to OSCEs. The temporary password to the online OSCE video is: HFO@2014 (this password changes monthly). To view the online OSCE video please click on the following link:

(3) The Medical Council of Canada Exam Preparation Resources

(4) Calgary Cambridge Guide to the medical interview – communication process


OSCE home is designed by a group of medical students, residents, and graduate physicians around the world who took and passed several OSCEs during their medical schools and residencies in addition to licensure exams, specifically, USMLE Step 2 CS, LMCC MCCQE part II, PLAB part 2, TRAS part 2, MRCGP, Australian Clinical, and NZREX.

 (6) Clinical Cultural Competence – Free online course developed by Sickkids hospital for culture and communication skills


(7) An excellent source for Canadian Clinical Practice Guidelines ($$$)


(8)  UWorld




(10) Geeky Medics

This website provides free medical revision notes crafted for medical students including OSCE guides, clinical skills videos and quizzes


(11) Book “Therapeutic Choices” edited by Jean Gray, published by the Canadian Pharmacists Association. I

The book recommended by MCC for those who want to take NAC OSCE. It is a source of general information for the IMGs unfamiliar with disease management practices in North America. Can be bought online from – please see the link:


(12) Book “OSCE and LMCC-II” edited by Zu-hua Gao.


These are review Notes originated from collections of study notes that passed on from several resident training programs in Canada. It provides an unofficial guide for the preparation of LMCC – Part II examination. This book presents approximately 200 most commonly encountered clinical scenarios. Can be bought online:

(13) Book “NAC OSCE. A Comprehensive Review”


The book is a detailed study guide for the Canadian NAC OSCE. It contains therapeutic guidelines with drug dosages, clinical case scenarios and clinical examinations. The book can be used as a framework, complementing your clinical and therapeutic knowledge as you prepare for the examination.



(14) Book “First Aid USMLE Step 2 CS” by Tao Le,  Vikas Bhushan, Mae Sheikh-Ali, Fadi Abu Shahin


(15) Edmonton Manual


(16) SP resources posted on the SP program, U of T website:


(17) Review other options (private schools that prepare IMGs for OSCE exams, e.g. IMG school), but be responsible to do your own “due diligence”. We CANNOT endorse private schools. Please use your own discretion, your budget, as ultimately it is your decision.


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