Sample Law School Applications-LSAC


This project’s aim is to make real application materials more accessible for any future applicants who may be having trouble knowing where to start with their law school applications. Not everyone has the financial resources to hire an admissions consultant to help them begin the writing process, and we hope that this compilation of essays, resumes, addenda, statements, cycle recaps, etc. can help anyone who is struggling.

Included materials come from real people who have agreed to have their work uploaded to the internet for anyone to read at no cost. They have redacted as much personal information as needed and included whatever materials they were comfortable with sharing.

Please see the following spreadsheet to find a directory of application submissions, including the submitter’s pseudonym, GPA/LSAT score, soft tier, racial identity, KJD status, and more:

Note that certain columns may be left blank; this means that the submitter chose not to provide certain information.

You may direct any questions to [email protected] or u/LSAppSamples. Submitters can also email this address to request any edits, additions, deletions, or concerns–please remember to include your pseudonym in your email.

Thank you!

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